The Adventures of Larry the Loom

Manufacturing Day Two

Today Paul cut all the strips into loom pieces.  Now he is in the process of routering the slots in the adjustable bases. It is another very dusty process even with the shop vac going while routering.  Paul looked like … Continue reading

Summer is over… Back to work!

Summer is over and our beautiful Pacific Northwest Autumn is finally getting here!  We have a month before the rains return and in the meantime can enjoy beautiful sunny, crisp days. We have been steadily selling our Loom inventory, so … Continue reading

Finding Treasures

Paul and I have been building looms for Don for the past six years or so. When Don started slowing down, we converted his beading room into an office and now there is a veritable treasure trove of beads and … Continue reading


  Everywhere I go I see patterns now.  I see random pictures on Pinterest or on TV and think, “Wow, that would make a cool beading project”.  I fear I am on the brink of a new obsession. I tend … Continue reading

It all started with Don

Don Pierce is my father-in-law. He started beading after seeing some amazing work by an artist called Virginia Blakelock ( in a gallery in Eugene, Oregon. The rest is, as they say, history. He started bead weaving and has created … Continue reading